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iCON is The iCenter’s “can’t be missed” biennial convening. It’s Where Israel and Education Meet, and your opportunity to be surrounded by “the best of the best” in the field—to connect, to learn, to create, and to celebrate each other. 

We invite you to experience iCON as if it were a laboratory, with the curiosity and courage to discover something new. Together, we will deepen our relationships with one another, with Israel, and with education. iCON serves as a call to action for us to connect through our hopes and dreams, and gain new perspectives into each others’ aspirations for the future.

Ultimately, iCON is an immersive iCenter experience that will transport you “out of the hotel” and into Israel.

Just announced – take a look at some of our featured guests!


Start: March 13, 2023
End: March 15, 2023
The iCenter

Marriott Marquis Chicago

2121 S Prairie Avenue
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

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