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Social Media Toolkit 

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Are you attending, speaking at, sponsoring, exhibiting or supporting the #SummitForAnimals?

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Captions & Graphics


How to use this social media toolkit: 

Below, you will find suggested graphics and captions tailored to each social media platform, but before we get there, let us share some words of wisdom so you can make the most of this toolkit! 

  • We have resized the graphics for each platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn), so ensure you use the correct graphic for the correct platform. For example, don’t use a Twitter-sized graphic for Instagram – major faux pas! Why is that? Because Instagram graphics are squared, and a Twitter-sized graphic (which is rectangular) will be cut out on Instagram, it won’t look good. 

  • Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SummitForAnimals and tag us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram as @humanecanada.  

  • If you would like us to create customized graphics for you (for example, including your headshot if you’re a speaker or your logo if you’re a sponsor or exhibitor), we can do this upon request. Please contact our events team at; we’ll happily work with you.

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