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As SAP accelerates into an AI future, it's clear that every organization must be prepared to adapt and innovate. From data preparation to privacy and security protocols, you will explore essential strategies for embarking on that AI journey. Gain a deep understanding of the ethical implications of AI usage and discover SAP's visionary plans for AI integration.

Attendees will explore the strategic aspects of implementing artificial intelligence within an organization, gain a comprehensive understanding of AI solutions available in the market, and delve into how AI is seamlessly integrated into SAP. Stay informed about the latest trends and advancements in the integration of AI with SAP systems, crucial for organizations aiming to optimize their SAP implementations through AI technologies.

Key topics include:

  • SAP Business AI and the Generative AI Roadmap
  • AI Ethics
  • Use Cases to Build the Data Foundation for Generative AI
  • Intelligent Document Processing
  • Guidance on Building and Deploying Generative AI Solutions
  • Implementation of Large Language Models in Applications
  • Steps Involved in Your AI Use Case
  • Developing AI with GenAI Hub


SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a driving force in shaping the future of intelligent enterprises. Discover how SAP BTP strategically positions itself as a catalyst for innovation, enabling enterprises to adapt and thrive in an era where intelligence is the cornerstone of sustainable success.

The SAP BTP Track offers a comprehensive overview of the Five Pillars of SAP BTP, covering everything from application development, seamless integration, and powerful database management to cutting-edge analytics and intelligent technologies.

Following this, immersive breakout sessions will explore the intricacies and key capabilities of SAP Datasphere, SAP Analytics Cloud, Integration Suite, Risk-Based Inspection Models, and what it means to maintain a clean core. Experts and customers will share real-world examples of successful deployment strategies and their significant impact. They will guide you through the essential steps that organizations need to take for a successful SAP BTP implementation and how to keep up with updates and changes.

Key topics include:

  • SAP BTP Overview and Solution Landscape
  • Adaptable Risk-Based Inspection Models with SAP BTP
  • Application development and integration aspects of SAP BTP
  • Leveraging SAP BTP for cloud and on-premise applications
  • Data management solutions offered by SAP Datasphere
  • Analytics capabilities within SAP BTP
  • Core components and Functionalities of SAP Integration Suite
  • Examples from SAP BTP customers

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