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Human Trafficking in our Backyard: A Conversation for Canadian Hospitality Professionals

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Human Trafficking in Our Backyard: A Conversation for Canadian Hospitality Professionals, is a free, one-hour virtual presentation on Human Trafficking, an issue that has far-reaching consequences not just globally, but also right here in Canada.

During this session, you will learn what Human Trafficking is, the forms it takes, and its impact on the world, our country and your local community. Gain insights backed by statistics from various sources, including the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline, and learn to recognize the signs of someone being trafficked. As hoteliers and event professionals, discover actionable steps to take internally and within the industry to combat this crime.

Finally, we will explore the immediate actions you can take to protect your loved ones, especially your children, from human trafficking. Let’s embark on this crucial journey of awareness and empowerment.



Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes
What is Human Trafficking & its impact on the world & more locally on Canada and your region?
What are some of the signs of someone being trafficked?
What can you as hoteliers, planners do - internally, conferences, etc.
What about labour trafficking? A discussion.
What actions can you take right now & how can you protect your children?

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