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Day 1 December 13, 2022

9:30-9:45am ET 15:30-15:45 CET
Session 1:
Opening Keynote: Spectrum Overview

Terry McVenes  Anna von Groote

9:45-10:30am ET 15:45-16:30 CET
Session 2:
Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

With the C-band 5G roll out and the conflicting messages reported in the press, there was public confusion about the level of risk. The intersection of diverse industries in the spectrum domain, with vastly different approaches to operations, has resulted in more interaction across formerly unrelated industries. Key stakeholders discuss what lessons have been learned and propose a path forward.

Moderator: Wes Googe

Panelists:  Benjamin (Ben) Brandt  Dr. -Ing. Robert Kebel  Michael (Mowi) Mowinski  Karina Perez  Dorothy (Di) Reimold

10:30-11:15am ET 16:30-17:15 CET
Session 3:
Spectrum: Situational Awareness in a Changing Regulatory Environment

Aviation Spectrum is regulated by both Aviation and Telecommunication authorities. This session will bring together both sides to discuss spectrum regulations as they exist in the United States, in Europe, and in a global context. What recent developments are inspiring innovation in the regulatory process? What can spectrum stakeholders expect in the future?

Moderator: Steve Creamer

Panelists: Shunichi Futatsumori  Steve Green  Hette Hoekema  Sandra Wright

11:15am-12:00pm ET 17:15-18:00 CET
Session 4:
Shortening Avionics Lifecycle through Adaptation

Historically, aviation systems are planned for a 20-30 year life cycle in use on commercial aviation, military platforms, and general aviation. Changes in technology and development tools have enabled much shorter lifecycles, even for avionics providing safety critical functionality. New aircraft use cases, such as UAS and AAM, are taking advantage of these capabilities with the goal of bringing lifecycles down to less than 5 years. Panelists discuss the technologies that are making this possible, the challenges to this paradigm shift, and the impact on safety and regulatory requirements. Day 1 wrap up and highlights.

Moderator: Brandon Suarez

Panelists: Jim Davis  Bruce DeCleene  David Solar  Jessie Turner  

Day 2 December 14, 2022

9:30-9:45am ET 15:30-15:45 CET
Session 5:
Opening Topic – Summary of First Day, Introduction of Day 2

After opening comments, the European Commission will discuss the current industry environment, recent activities and priorities.

Anna von Groote  

Keynote Speaker: Francisco Salabert Cardona

9:45-10:30am ET 15:45-16:30 CET
Session 6:
Future Spectrum Needs and Applications

As new entrants push the boundaries in existing industries, there is a greater demand for spectrum to enable operations. Existing spectrum users need to make room to expand bandwidth to allow for innovation. Regulators around the world will continue to make adjustments to allocations in spectrum bands. Emerging participants in aviation explore their needs.

Moderator: Laurent Azoulaï

Panelists: Gerhard (Gary) Berz  Joseph Cramer  Davis Hackenberg  Boris Resnick​​​​​​​

10:30-11:15am ET 16:30-17:15 CET
Session 7:
How Standards can Evolve to Meet Future Needs

EUROCAE and RTCA align the development and structure of their documents to directly meet FAA’s, EASA’s and other aviation regulatory needs. Are there improvements and developments to be considered in the structure and content of our documents that will make the use of spectrum more robust by the aviation community? Panelists discuss how EUROCAE/RTCA can be responsive to the industry’s needs.

Moderator: Chris Hegarty, Ph.D.

Panelists:  Capucine Amielh, Ph.D.  Edward (Ed) Hahn  John Micallef  Andrew (Andy) Roy

11:15am-12:00pm ET 17:15-18:00 CET
Session 8:
Working Together on Spectrum / What’s Next?

Now that we have identified the current and future environment aviation is facing in utilizing spectrum for safety critical functions, this session explores how we can work together to provide the best path forward.  Panelists share the vision for future spectrum planning. Summit highlights and wrap up.

Moderator: Éric Bouchard

Panelists: Hette Hoekema  Don Kauffman  Pascal Luciani  Olivier Pellay  Nikolai Vassiliev

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