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Animal abuse often occurs before or alongside the abuse of people, which is commonly known as the Violence Link. In a social system that is overtaxed and underfunded, animal welfare is marginalized or completely ignored, despite evidence that shows there is greater benefit in acting holistically, thereby providing better support for victims and survivors, and reducing the vulnerability of animals and people. 

The Canadian Violence Link Conference is an innovative event that examines the link between interpersonal abuse and animal abuse and looks at the vulnerabilities and intersections in both.  This biennial conference brings together stakeholders in the areas of law, enforcement, behaviour, interpersonal violence, social services and animal welfare that work to prevent and address violence against people or animals for cross-sectoral training on how to collaborate and stop the cycle of violence. 

The Prosecution of Animal Abuse Conference provides professional development and networking opportunities for Crown prosecutors, attorneys and allied professionals across Canada. The goal of this annual event is to facilitate the sharing of information and resources about animal abuse and the Violence Link in order to ensure that crimes against animals are prosecuted effectively and efficiently.

Join us this fall! These conferences are offered through Humane Canada's groundbreaking Criminal Justice System Reform Program, the only one of its kind in Canada, and we are proud to bring both online this November. Our Canadian Violence Link Conference is taking place from November 8 to 9, and the Prosecution for Animal Abuse Conference is November 10, 2023. 


Who attends

Canadian Violence Link Conference


Prosecution of Animal Abuse Conference



Registration to the Prosecution of Animal Abuse Conference is only open to those who are:

  • A prosecutor in Canada interested in or currently prosecuting animal abuse cases, or
  • An allied professional working in any field involved in prosecuting crimes against animals, or
  • A student who is currently articling in Crown/Prosecution offices.

Registration for the Canadian Violence Link Conference is open to those whose work intersects with the Violence Link, such as law enforcement, social services, victim services, GBV/DV services, etc.

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