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Welcome to Canola Week

Canola Week 2022 will take place from December 6 through 8, 2022. This year's conference will be presented in a hybrid format, allowing attendees to tune in from their home offices or attend in person at the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel in Saskatoon.

This three-day event will provide updates on the state of the canola industry in Canada, the latest research, agronomic issues and cutting-edge innovation. Plan to join an audience of canola growers, researchers and industry stakeholders at Canola Week 2022.

Canola Week is a merger of Keith Downey's Canola Industry Meeting (est. 1970), Wilf Keller's Canola Innovation Day (est. 2003), and the Canola Council of Canada's Canola Discovery Forum (est. 2013). The Canola Discover Forum portion of the event is a unique opportunity to help align research priorities across the entire value chain and focus efforts on the areas of greatest opportunity.

Following Canola Week, the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) Canola Cluster Wrap Up event will take place in the same venue on December 9, 2022. Join us for a full day of presentations highlighting key canola production and utilization findings from the past four years of projects funded by the canola industry, canola growers' organizations and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Registration will close for in-person Canola Week tickets at 4:30pmCST on Wednesday, November 30th and for virtual Canola Week tickets and CAP Canola Cluster Wrap Up tickets at 12:00pmCST on Monday, December 5. 

Hotel information

If you require hotel accommodations, a reservation is available to attendees through the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. To book your stay click here.

About the Canola Week Committee

The 2022 Canola Week Committee is responsible for the overall development and management of the Canola Week conference, including recruitment of speakers and sponsors, and promotion of the event. The Committee is made up of industry and community partners that work together to develop meaningful conference seminars. Meet the Canola Week Committee.


Start: December 6, 2022
End: December 8, 2022

Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon Hotel, Spadina Crescent East, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Spadina Crescent East 612
S7K 3G9 Saskatoon SK

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