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2022 Kabuki Syndrome Foundation Virtual Conference

November 4, 2022



We are thrilled to share that the 4th Annual Kabuki Syndrome Foundation Research Conference on Friday, November 4, 2022 virtually hosted over 450 participants from over 32 countries. The Annual Conference is our hallmark event for the community and largest fundraising event that supports Kabuki syndrome research.

Conference recordings are now available! Please click Register at the top of your page to gain access to all the recordings, education, and research recruitment flyers. 

Finding treatments is going to take all of us, and we hope this event makes you feel more empowered to participate in research - in whatever form fits your family. 
Significant progress has been made in Kabuki syndrome research, and KSF is dedicated to delivering this information to the community during our annual conferences.  With clinical trials in the pipeline, it is critical that families and individuals with Kabuki syndrome understand how important our role is in therapeutic development.  Patients, caregivers, advocates, scientists, and clinicians must work together on the path to discovering effective treatments. 

Our Mission and Your Donations

Key opinion leaders agree that within the next five years, drug therapies targeting the symptoms of Kabuki syndrome could be available. Join us in accelerating these efforts.  Funding is a significant barrier to uncovering treatments for this rare disease. With your help, we can not only find treatments - we can find them sooner. Your donation, of any amount, can support research that shows promise to improve the quality of life for people with Kabuki syndrome. The Kabuki Syndrome Foundation (KSF) is here to ensure your dollar goes farther.

KSF listens to our community by hosting an annual crowdsourcing survey. We use the results to help guide our grant-giving to projects that focus on the symptoms that matter the most to the people with Kabuki syndrome and those who know them best. This year, we will share an additional opportunity to participate during the conference. To read more about our impact and survey results or ask a question, visit us at

Register today - just click the Register button in menu - to join us and watch the recordings! 

Please note that individual registration is required to access the event platform.  Links to access to the platform are unique and can't be shared between users. 


November 4, 2022

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